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Mati Collective


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Garden Therapy

For the SS'2019 collection, Mati played with the lines of orchids, tulips, ficus and loti. She eliminated all superfluous and impractical details to create the elegant shapes of the bags designed to discreetly accompany women's lives. They add a silent and complicit beauty without the guilt of ruining the planet or its people.

Our Philosophy

True beauty is never only skin deep, but reflects what’s on the inside. It is not frivolous, but confident about the value it creates. And it may be timeless, but it must evolve with the times. Above all, true beauty begs no status, but let's you become one.



It starts with designing for circularity. Considering how you'll use the product, the recyclability of its raw materials and the transparency of the supply chain. Mati collaborates locally to ensure not only responsible and ethical methods of production but a demand for innovative and more environmentally friendly processes. 

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