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Garden Therapy

The SS2019 collection is inspired by the true beauty of flowers. They link us to nature and remind us about our need for air, water and sunlight. Each bag embodies the characteristics of the plant by which it is inspired - silently nodding to the woman wearing it. They were designed to discreetly accompanying her life and add a complicit beauty.


The Orchid

The Orchid is a shoulder bag inspired by the sinuous repetitive petals of one of the most fascinating plants. Even though orchids may seem fragile and in need of care, they are highly independent and adaptable to different climates.

A flower that’s full of contradictions and grace, lends individualism to a bag with a timelessly elegant shape.

The Ficus

The Ficus is a clutch that plays with the overlapping elliptical shapes tracing the plant’s leaves. Well known as home décor but less so for its wide ecological services, this plant provides nectar and refuge habitat for several bird species and insects.

With its contagious vitality, the ficus transfers its nurturing qualities to a bag that’s most frivolous of them all, limiting the use of your hands.


The Tulip

The Tulip is a bucket inspired by the flower’s symmetrical petals. In a tulip, what you see is what you get - from its bulb through its leaves, and right up to its petals - it’s built on the same harmonious geometrical shape. Announcing the arrival of spring, it articulates love and rebirth.

The tulip lends a sophisticated simplicity to the bucket’s structural beauty.

The Lotus

The Lotus is a shopper embodying the petals of the delicate lotus flower that appeared on Earth 80 million years ago. The bag was inspired by the flower's ability to rise from mud and push up through the water to bloom. And even though it grows in stagnant pools, thanks to its hydrophobic properties it remains clean, making it a symbol of purity and resilience. 

The Lotus bag is graceful yet sturdy. And it lends a sense of self-awareness to its owner that only an association with a flower so grounded, yet magnificent can do. 


The Peony

The Peony comes in two versions, a backpack that turns into a shopper and a circle cross-body bag. Linked to fortune and romance in Eastern cultures, peonies have come to symbolise a balanced meeting of opposites. This flower is a transformative life force to be reckoned with - it even has healing properties. 

The cross body bag’s circular structure echoes the lush round flower in bloom whilst the backpack/ shopper alludes to the flower’s transformative properties. 

Together, the Peony represents the cyclic movement of opposites that make up the totality of life.