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Think Twice About Beauty

Mati is a childhood nickname. Yours and mine. But there is nothing childish about it, except maybe its determination to grow up. To grow up in a world that still has resources. That’s why our bags are made from natural materials, provided by transparent suppliers and produced by Italian artisans in innovative ways. To create a future for tradition and make the fashion statement of an Eco-Envoy. One who tells everyone that the new normal is sustainable. Above all, Mati is an invitation to think twice about beauty.


True beauty is never only skin deep. It always reflects what’s on the inside.

Our bags are made in Italy ethically from sustainable materials.

True beauty is not frivolous, but confident about the value it creates.

Together, we build a future for Italian craftsmanship in a way that's beneficial both to people and our planet.

True beauty is always on trend, it is timeless.

We make casual luxury that is wearable. You’ll use and love yours forever.

True beauty needs no status.

You are the status. What matters is the care that goes into the product and your experience with it.


About the designer

Maria José Germano is a fashion designer and sustainable lifestyle advocate living in Milan.

Born in Salerno, Italy, her roots go back even further South, to Calabria and Honduras. Maria José was her grandmother’s name, which as a child the designer shortened to Mati but kept her gentle yet resolute spirit.

After having graduated from the Institute of Marangoni in Milan, her first experience as a designer was at a fast fashion brand. She soon realised this wasn’t how she envisaged fashion and went in search of greater responsibility in the production process. An apprenticeship at a Berlin atelier followed, and upon her return home she collaborated on a ‘Made in Italy’ leather goods label and worked with a designer tackling waste reduction. As she grew, so did her knowledge and determination to tackle issues surrounding sustainability in fashion.

Mati started her own label because she wanted it to fully represent her principles. Harmony, purity, transparency and mindfulness. To fashion something that looks more like her. And evolves with her.